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Aeon Karris

About the Author

Aeon is a leading transformational speaker, a leadership consultant, and Master Mystic with nearly 30 years of experience. As a world-renowned facilitator of evolutionary consciousness, she’s built numerous eco-communities, facilitated over 50 transformational retreats, and is currently working with extraordinary leaders to ensure a sustainable future. She is the Founding Director of Know the Self, a Mystery School for Modern Day Living and the curator of Leadership². 

Aeon has served as an international business consultant and seer to elite businessmen, royals, and spiritual gurus in India, Japan, and the USA. As a visionary entrepreneur, she co-founded one of the world’s first web design companies in 1994, working with leading corporations launching the first uses of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Her clients include corporations such as; Microsoft, Intel, Panasonic, MTV Interactive, and YPO among others.,

She has been interviewed extensively for her paranormal encounters and past life recall and has presented keynote speeches and led panel discussions at conferences around the world. She’s been featured in LA Times, Wired Magazine, The Fringe FM, Praga TV, Fade to Black, KPFA and numerous podcasts and radio shows. She serves on the board of The Coincidence Project whose mission is to illuminate the invisible currents that connect us.

If you’d like to work with Aeon, book her for a speaking event, or learn more about her offerings, you can view her media kit here, check out her offerings here or send her a message here.

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