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Chance Encounters Can Change Our Lives

While living in India some time ago, I was working with a spiritual Guru on an eco-community project. We needed to have a series of meetings, but we lived in different states so he had asked me to meet him at a retreat center where he was leading a weekend seminar.

Our meetings would take place in between his on-stage appearances. While waiting for him, I would wander around the premises until he had time to talk business with me. I was the only foreigner in attendance and there were nearly 2000 people there, so I stood out!

To deter people from talking with me, I walked around with headphones in my ears and sunglasses on, as every few feet people seemed to want a photo with the white lady who was friends with the guru.

A young eight-year-old girl approached me, but I kept walking. She skipped alongside me and asked, “Am I bothering you?” I removed my headphones and decided to give her my attention. I was amazed by her confidence and courage.

When I stopped walking, she looked deeply into my eyes – as if she was peering into my soul – and said, “Are you Pleidian?” 

A smile bloomed on my face, but before I could respond in words she exclaimed, “I knew it! Me too!” and high-fived me.

Her name was Sai. She next asked me, “Do you meditate?,” to which I responded, “DO YOU!?”

Sai and I didn’t need many words after our initial introduction: we moved into soul-to-soul communication. She knew exactly what I needed and I understood her wisdom beyond her years.

I was struggling with being alone, not sure what to do with all the free time I had while waiting for my impromptu business meetings. She said, “Come with me.” Another small eight-year-old girl appeared. They grabbed my bag and proudly walked me into a large room of meditators, and took me under their wing the entire weekend. We became instant BFFs.

The psychic connection we had was profound. Sai introduced me to a group of her friends – all referred to as “young masters” between the ages of 6-24. They were deep meditators and very psychic, some were already spiritual teachers. We all had an instant feeling of familiarity and kinship. Never before in my life had I met children who had knowledge – like I did as a kid – of past incarnations. It was profoundly healing for me, as I had always felt like an alien and so different from the kids in the USA with whom I had grown up.

We got to know each other over the years that I lived in India, and at the many spiritual events we attended together. One year they asked me to be their ambassador and invited me to speak on their behalf at a gathering of 60,000 meditators. This chance encounter with Sai reminded me that golden doorways open when we least expect them, and it confirmed for me that my path is guided beyond my wildest imagination.

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