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Aean Karris

Hot Tub Chronicles…

What started as a morning hot tub plunge with a dear soul sister (who I’ll call “Tamara”) turned into something extraordinary. She wanted to meditate so I led us into deep presence using TSM (The Synchronicity Method). We’ve been working together for some time and the moment we activated our codex, dimensional realms began to open and our spiritual sight turned on.

As our energy shifted into multi-d, I began working with the energy of the land and I suddenly noticed we weren’t alone. Tamara then saw a woman walking the parameters of the property. She had horns coming out of her head like a ram. She was a priestess of worlds from a dimension unannounced to us.

I sensed that this woman had attached herself to Tamara. I was curious why she was with us, I didn’t quite trust her, but Tamara felt a strong kinship. As I questioned who she was and why she was there, she began to shape-shift (for both of us), revealing other aspects of herself.

At first, Tamara saw her through eyes of love and deep gratitude. Then, the more we questioned her, she suddenly found herself at odds with this mysterious priestess. I realized this apparition was an aspect of Tamara split off from her, living in her shadow – as her shadow. She presented herself as a priestess trapped and enslaved in the underworld making sacrifices affecting Tamara’s life, paying off old karmic debts she owed from thousands of years past.

I saw a holographic rolodex spinning in front of me, each card showed me a snippet of time, stories long past of how this priestess is connected to Tamara. In an instant, everything made sense to both of us – not to our rational minds, but to our inner knowing – to the immortal self, who understood and could see through time the trajectory of her soul.

It became known that Tamara’s soul had split into two dimensions, lifetimes ago, to survive a great suffering of entrapment and servitude.

The sacrifices and upheaval Tamara faced for this pagan priestess were many, acts impossible to forgive. Yet in just a few short moments I watched Tamara alchemize and resource within her, the capacity to forgive these transgressions. She was able to understand them, and synthesize the medicine of darkness she had been plagued with for many incarnations and all the suffering she had endured because of it.

I watched her instantly transmute her rage, anger, fear, and deep-seated grief into pure golden presence.

She found the center of her being, she merged the worlds above and below into one.

She found her rightful place once again claiming her birthright. after thousands of years of living scattered in multiple realms, she landed at home within the domain of her Self (her immortal presence).

It was a glorious sight to behold.

Throughout what was probably 45 min to an hour, I watched a multitude of lifetimes collapse into the present time. I saw worlds of heaven and hell find balance. At one point, I felt nauseous from the fast spin, and yet moments later I experienced a grounded light and presence that is forever and always, stable and lit.

Holding people in this type of soul retrieval work is a humbling honor. Supporting her in the remembrance of her primal power, her sovereignty, her capacity to hold it all and stay sane…seeing her come back home within herself is a type of fulfillment I don’t feel words fully express.

I’m noticing a quickening of soul retrievals happening at this time. Never before have I witnessed so many people ready to re-member themselves awake, every day I get to hold people activating their full light spectrum self and land their unique abilities. It’s what gives me immense hope in a troubling world.

To surmount the challenges we face, we must recalibrate lost aspects of the self that have splintered off leaking our power.

I’m here to assist and help you find your axis point to access your innate abilities for what my friend Maya refers to as, “your divine appointment”.

We need each other to stabilize harmonic frequencies from within in order to dismantle our suffering and illuminate all false narratives and divergent paths.

When we come to the end of the internal war within, we become at peace with ourselves and awaken to a new reality for all those in our orbit.

If you are ready to re-member, to harmonize, and establish deep-seated peace from within – there are a number of ways I may be able to support you. Reach out if you’d like more information.

May all beings be liberated from fear.
May all beings know love.

To our collective liberation,

Next stop on my book tour: New Jersey – Saturday, May 25th @ Honor Yoga Pennington

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