Unlock Your Divine Destiny
Aeon Karris

Join me in New Jersey for an UNWIND Body Activation Session

Saturday, May 25th, 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM at Honor Yoga in Pennington, NJ
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UNWIND is a body activation practice done blindfolded (or with eyes closed) on a yoga mat, guided by a master mystic, with a curated soundtrack. It helps you map your inner world to release pain stored in the body and recall your joy and personal power.

It’s a deeply healing and restorative body-based movement practice based on ancient healing modalities and modern science. It gives you the guidance, the tools, the space, and the safety to dive deep inside yourself to discover your own healing potential and find lasting relief from personal, emotional, and physical ailments. UNWIND opens up past and future timelines so the body can heal painful memories and reestablish your personal power. Come discover your internal map to unlock your healing and awaken your innate abilities leading you back to joy.

UNWIND was born from a profound meditation experience in 2005 where Aeon discovered a shadowy body double, it was her pain body (aka the shadow body). This invisible form is where we store all our unresolved grief, trauma, and anger. Through conscious movement, breath, and deep meditation, Aeon learned how to unlock hidden memories stored in the shadow body which triggered a cathartic revelation that led her to a remarkable healing and a massive shift in her awareness. For the last two decades, Aeon has been sharing her UNWIND practice in her workshops and retreats worldwide with others trapped in old stories of grief and trauma. She’s witnessed powerful, life-changing results with her students. Aeon now teaches her UNWIND framework online, and is currently visiting the area on a world tour promoting the fourth edition of her book “Synchronicity, Unlock Your Divine Destiny”.

Saturday, May 25th,
12:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Honor Yoga in Pennington, NJ
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*Photos by Julia Lehman

Aeon Karris is a leadership consultant, a master mystic, and the managing director of Know the Self, a mystery school for modern-day living. She serves on the board of The Coincidence Project. She’s a native of California but spent most of her life living abroad studying our human nature and indigenous practices. Her mission is to wake up humanity’s sleeping potential, restitch the golden network, and traverse massive shifts in consciousness to protect our future.