Unlock Your Divine Destiny
Aeon Karris

Community Transformation: Ushering in a New Era of Leadership

Join me and Alex Snider, on Adventures in Entrepreneurship a LinkedIn Live Series turned Podcast exploring entrepreneurship beyond business acumen, diving into the personal transformation that comes with pursuing dreams and becoming a leader.

From strategic growth and leadership to SaaS automation, brand building, and billion-dollar IPOs, we cover it all. Our guests range from former special forces and undercover agents to 9-figure founders, venture capitalists, and more, sharing their experiences and insights on all aspects of business and leadership growth.

Season 1 was all about recession resilience, and as we get Season 2 underway, we’re bringing even more of the nitty-gritty reality of entrepreneurship, passion projects, and defining leadership moments to light for you to learn and hopefully, also have a few laughs.

Join us on this adventure, from mild to wild.

And please share and invite your community as well, the more the merrier (and more insights and questions)!

DECEMBER 12th, 10:30 AM Eastern – Catch it LIVE here.

Aeon Karris joins us next in this series, to talk about her journey from an innovative founder of one of the world’s first web design companies in San Francisco and Japan in the 90’s to eco-community building in India to Master Mystic ushering in a new era of leadership to heal humanity and ensure a sustainable future.

Aeon is the Founder of Know The Self a Consultancy and Mystery School for Modern Day Living, a Founding Partner of Leadership2, the author of Synchronicity: Unlock Your Divine Destiny and Co-Host of Love, Sex, and the Hidden Agenda Podcast where she explores the misuse of power on the planet in the hope to shed light on this sticky energy. She uses her myriad of unique talents as an international business consultant and seer serving elite businessmen, royals, and spiritual gurus around the world, helping them develop and harness their unique gifts to make a positive impact through their influence. Her work hinges on the premise that entrepreneurship is a spiritual practice and that we desperately need a new era of leadership built upon transparency, collaboration, equality, and informed by the collective consciousness.

Having lived the lavish lifestyle of the ‘golden era’ of tech in the nascent years of the internet and collaborating with companies launching the first uses of virtual reality and artificial intelligence before leaving it all behind to live on ‘barter’ before pursuing a degree in healing consciousness and ecology, Aeon has a unique perspective on wealth, societal structures, communities, collective consciousness, and trauma healing. She has witnessed firsthand how siloed living has begun to split us from ourselves and diminish our humanity, and how vulnerability and community are vital tools to truly heal ourselves in a sustainable manner.

Aeon’s story is truly unique, she’s experienced incredible highs, lows, and adventures many can barely imagine that she has been able to alchemize into tremendous insight, purpose, and power she directs to unlock other leaders’ true potential.

You don’t want to miss this one.