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Aean Karris

Podcast: Learn to live in your own personal energy signature and frequency.

I hope 2024 is off to a good start for you!

I’ve been in a winter wonderland in chilly Chicago for the last month. I’m enjoying the winter in this vibrant city.

Last week, Bernie Beitman M.D. had me on his podcast, Connecting with Coincidence to discuss my world tour and my synchronicity method for mastering your unique frequency. It was a lively discussion.

Check it out!

What you’ll learn when you listen:

– what the synchronicity method is all about
– why I’ve decided to travel for one year
– the synchronistic dream that gave me the strength to do it
– how I’m navigating the traveling process

Just click the image below to listen.

To learn how to master your frequency by using The Synchronicity Method, check out my online course here.

Aeon Karris is a pioneer operating at the edge of humanity’s collective evolution. Through her career, Aeon has helped thousands worldwide liberate their minds, navigate spiritual awakenings, and live out their divine destinies. She is the founding director of Know the Self, a Mystery School for Modern Day Living, and serves on the Board of The Coincidence Project. With over 25 years of guiding others, her transformative retreats and courses have touched the lives of many.

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