Unlock Your Divine Destiny
Aeon Karris


Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell

Former NFL to Mindfulness Presenter

Aeon is a master of her craft, with the utmost passion for the liberation of humanity. I love the way she thinks and how she navigates getting her message out. She's a leader that I feel the world is ready for. I'm so touched by what she does and I'm looking forward to everything she's about to do. Gratitude!


Vocalist and Sound Healer

In a world of false prophets, fake gurus and spiritual bypassing this woman is the real deal. I have never met another teacher who could bring me to my soul's knowing and put my creativity into this world in a grounded, authentic, and powerful way. I am forever grateful for Aeon’s Synchronicity Method. It is the single most powerful tool available that I have found for a tangible, pure connection with my soul's essence, higher self, spirit etc. True trust in myself is the key to love and to everything. Thank you Aeon! This book is a must-have.
Dan Mangena

Dan Mangena

Author of 5 books including Money Game and Stepping Beyond Intention

Aeon’s humility against the radiance of the gifts that she has to share with the world provides a powerful backdrop to the delivery of this masterpiece in the navigation of this matrix reality that we inhabit. Each key that Aeon weaves into the tapestry of this book, builds a potent foundation for the next, providing a clear (yet colorful) roadmap into the integration and expansion of synchronicities and so much more. A must-read for spiritual travelers from all walks of life.  
Dr. Ken Harris

Dr. Kenneth Harris

Author of Synchronicity, The Magic. The Mystery. The Meaning.

    A road map for discovering and manifesting one's Divine Destiny! As a fellow author myself on the subject of Synchronicity, I found this book by Aeon to be outstanding, instructional, and INSPIRING! It takes the reader on a journey into the phenomenon of Synchronicity and the role it plays in helping them fulfill their Divine Destiny! I highly recommend anyone interested in this subject to take the time to read this book and follow its suggested exercises and guidelines. Expertly written!

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