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Aean Karris

The Synchronicity Method: Harnessing Cosmic Forces for Self-Actualization

On August 16, I had the privilege of addressing a gathering at The Coincidence Cafe, where we convene monthly to share our synchronicities and unravel the magical phenomena that grace our lives. With my fellow co-host Sue Kientz, we discussed the world of signs, symbols, and pattern recognition. I offered insights into how I employ my Synchronicity Method to stay attuned and gracefully ride the waves of synchronicities that weave through my daily existence. The replay of our Cafe session is available on the TCP YouTube channel.

As an ardent meditator and a dedicated explorer of consciousness, I’ve dedicated my life to probing the hidden forces of existence and charting the realms of heightened awareness to unlock my full human potential.

Synchronicities have been the orchestrators of my life, skillfully guiding me toward signs, symbols, messages, and serendipitous encounters. They serve as cosmic signposts, illuminating the path my heart yearns to follow. Synchronicity has bestowed upon me a palpable sense that we are all integral threads in a vast tapestry, allowing us, if only fleetingly, to glimpse the golden threads that interlace our lives across time, space, and dimensions.

Irrespective of one’s spiritual or religious beliefs, synchronicities are a universal occurrence. They unite us with one another, with the natural world, and with the entire tapestry of creation. Synchronicities can manifest dramatically, catalyzing significant life shifts, or in more subtle yet profound ways, gently nudging us toward new horizons.

In my book, “Synchronicity: Unlock Your Divine Destiny,” I share my Synchronicity Method—a profound tool that has not only transformed my life but also the lives of those I’ve had the privilege to teach. This method triggers a creative surge of energy within the body by realigning the magnetic geometry surrounding it. When you embrace my method, you’ll find synchronistic events unfurling all around you. With mastery, you might even glimpse the intricate fabric of life itself—the underlying string theory beneath the tapestry.

I bestow this knowledge, which I gleaned through nine years of intense shamanic initiations, as a gift to empower the leaders of the future. My aspiration is that it liberates you from suffering as you embark on the journey of self-evolution and mastery over your own energy field. The Synchronicity Method serves as a tool for self-actualization. With a few consecutive days of practice, you’ll witness synchronicities multiplying and find yourself firmly on the path to awakening the stardust residing within you—an intelligence far beyond the grasp of your conscious mind.

As you learn to reside in the essence of your soul and relinquish attachment to your limited self, you’ll awaken extraordinary capacities, guided by synchronicity toward your true life purpose and soul mission. I guarantee this practice will transform your life. You can test it for yourself for free by downloading my guided practice on my website. Commit to it for a minimum of three consecutive days, and please share your experiences with me. It’s now the time for us all to remember why we chose to be alive at this unique juncture in history. Each of us has a role to play, and I firmly believe that your encounters with synchronicity are gentle prods, urging you to recall your divine assignment.


Aeon Karris is a leading transformational speaker, a leadership consultant, and master mystic with nearly 30 years of experience. As a world-renowned facilitator of evolutionary consciousness, she’s seeded numerous eco-communities, facilitated over 50 transformational retreats, and is currently working with extraordinary leaders to ensure a sustainable future. Aeon has served as an international business consultant and seer to elite businessmen, royals, and leading gurus in India, Japan, and the USA. As a visionary entrepreneur, she co-founded one of the world’s first web design companies in 1994, working with leading corporations launching the first uses of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.  She is a partner at Leadership² and runs retreats, courses, and private mentoring through her Mystery School for Modern Day Living, Know the Self. She serves on the board of The Coincidence Project whose mission is to illuminate the invisible currents that connect and unify us.



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