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Aean Karris

The Mystical Underground

I was recently invited to speak on The Mystical Underground Podcast with Trish & Rob McGregor about my world tour and new book launch.

We had a fun conversation. You can watch the full podcast below on YouTube or catch it on any podcast platform of your choice.

In this interview, you will discover:

– What the soul looks like when it’s embodied

– The synchronicity of Pearl Jam’s new album and my new book cover

– A fun synchronicity during my world tour

– What a time code is

– How I navigate complex synchronicities

– What is a Monad

– How practicing The Synchronicity Method attracts your soul group

– and so much more!

Let me know what you think!

To our collective liberation,

About The Mystical Underground Podcast:
Trish & Rob MacGregor and Jon Posey host The Mystical Underground, a place where all kinds of phenomena flourish. On the podcast, they meet authors, researchers, and investigators of the mysterious, strange, and inexplicable anomalies that surround us.

Trish MacGregor has written dozens of non-fiction books on astrology, the tarot, dreams, and synchronicity. She started out as a freelance magazine writer and eventually became a regular contributor to OMNI Magazine’s anti-matter section, which covered UFOs and all aspects of the paranormal. Through those assignments, she met famed abductee Betty Hill, UFO researcher Budd Hopkins, and others.

Rob & Trish MacGregor write both fiction and non-fiction. Their most recent non-fiction books are Beyond Strange and Sensing the Future. They also co-authored: Aliens in the Backyard: UFO Encounters, Abductions & Synchroncity. Trish is the author of The Biggest Horoscope Book Ever and Rob is the author of The Jewel in the Lotus: Meditation for Busy Minds. Trish co-authored Power Tarot with Phyllis Vega and Rob co-authored Beyond the Bermuda Triangle with Bruce Gernon.

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